Part of building a successful business is learning the importance of self-care. In addition to the classes and workshops, we will have a number of wellness options available. These additional opportunities will allow attendees to return inspired, invigorated and refreshed. 



Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka perform sound baths as Dynasty Electrik. They use traditional sound healing instruments including crystal singing bowls, chimes and gongs combined with electronic tones, theremin, voice & nature sounds. Jenny walks through out the space offering individualized sound healing.

Dynasty Electrik achieves an elevated sense of realism within their musical notations. They enlighten and deepen the day-to-day experience with their form of enthusiasm, in the form of music. Musicians from all over the globe seek to create the natural world within an artificial environment. You cannot help but aspire to a deeper sense of self during the experience of listening and resonating with Dynasty Electrik. Via Forbes



Elk Rock Yoga Cover.png

Lesley Sario of Elk Rock Wellness & Yoga will lead yoga throughout the retreat.

Elk Rock Yoga & Wellness offers two wellness studios conveniently nestled in the heart of Historic Milwaukie, OR. Their intimate yoga studio provides a nourishing environment in which to move and flow with ease. Intimate class sizes ensure the highest level of individual attention, support and safety for all bodies, ages, and abilities.




Join Make & Mary for a Japanese Shibori workshop. In this highly inspired workshop you’ll create two scarves, one silk and one cotton. You are also welcomed to bring extra white garments to dye as well.

In Japan, the earliest known example of cloth dyed with a Shibori technique dates from the 8th century. The process is created through a series of folding, twisting, and binding using plant based indigo dye. The magical results are unique and beautiful.




Pack your sneakers and workout clothes! Rachael Rapinoe will be leading group training sessions throughout the weekend.

Rachael is a health specialist and has a been a professional performance coach for the past six years. She has built a robust performance training business in Portland, OR and hosts national training events across the country. She trains elite soccer players ranging from youth, collegiate and professional levels, as well as active individuals living in the Portland area seeking the wellness benefits from physical activity. She is an expert in foundational and high performance strength and conditioning work, and also has in depth knowledge in nutrition and recovery optimization to keep athletes at top performance. Her trainings help everyone be their best selves, no matter the environment.




Allow yourself a moment of ultimate relaxation and indulge yourself in a CBD massage or facial during the weekend.