Females to the Front brings together the most exciting educators, funders and leaders, from both in and outside the industry. MORE EDUCATORS ANNOUNCED THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER. Females to the Front is committed to creating a diverse speaker group because we are tired of seeing a completely homogenous speaker group. In addition to the classes, there will be time to get to know all of them throughout the four days. 

Joyce Cenali

Joyce leads operations at Big Rock Partners, a strategic advisory firm serving investors and companies at the intersection of food, hospitality and cannabis. Their portfolio includes PharmaCann, Cannacraft, Kikoko, Sonoma Hills Farm, Garden Society, Sava, and others.

Kevin Blake

Kevin is founder and CEO of Blake Consulting, LLC, the premier business consulting and advisory firm in the cannabis industry. He has advised early, seed, and growth stage cannabis companies in all sectors as well as local government agencies.

Janice Knox

Dr. Janice Vaughn-Knox is a board-certified anesthesiologist who believes in the power of self-healing. She is one of the founding doctors of The CannaMDs, the American Cannabinoid Clinics and The American Cannabinoid Group.

Karlee Eichenberger

Karlee Eichenberger is COO of Groundworks Industries, a vertically integrated cannabis business focused on quality throughout the supply chain and consumer focused brands such as Serra, Farma, Electric Lettuce, Pruf Cultivar and more. Karlee drives both strategy and execution for all GW operations and comes from a background in business development and merchandising across categories within adidas, Reebok, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Amanda Denz

Amanda is passionate about leveraging design and technology to elevate the dialogue around cannabis and its powerful uses. Amanda joined SAVA to build out the web experience and digital marketing and now leads brand strategy, marketing, communication and digital experience as Co-Founder and CMO.


Chi-Chien Hou

Chi is a Managing Director at AFI Capital Partners, a cannabis-focused investment firm. He has been backing entrepreneurs as an investor for the past 15 years; in his previous life, Chi invested in consumer products with a focus on apparel, health and wellness, and beauty.

Julia Jacobson

As CEO of Aster Farms, Julia brings an expertise in entrepreneurship, supply chain management and business development to the Aster Farm's team. Julia develops Aster's high-level vision, ensuring the team is two steps ahead as the company scales. Prior to Aster Farms Julia was co-founder and CEO of NMRKT, an affiliate marketing platform for content providers.

Kimberly Dillon

Kimberly Dillon spent the last few years leading marketing for one of California's leading Cannabis brands in the wellness space. She has over 15 years of developing purpose driven brands and stories.

April Pride

Creative entrepreneur April Pride is a brand, design and product innovator. In 2016 she launched Van der Pop, which quickly became North America’s leading cannabis lifestyle brand for women. In early 2019 April co-founded Of Like Minds, a mission-driven cannabis marketing brand.

Vikas Desai

Vikas Desai is a founder and partner at WelCan Capital, a venture capital firm focused in the cannabis industry. WelCan invests in high-impact, foundational companies across early-stage plant touching and ancillary businesses.

Liz Connors

Liz Connors is the Director of Analytics at Headset, Inc. A cannabis intelligence company that turns retail data into real-time cannabis market insights. Prior to working for Headset, Liz worked as a Data Scientist in CPG retail and financial services, as well as spent some time in Financial and Economic Consulting.

Jessica Morgan

Jessica is Co-Chair of Tonkon Torp’s Cannabis Industry and Financial Services & Investment Management practice groups. Her practice focuses on advising businesses and investment funds, including private equity funds, financial institutions, and investment advisers on regulatory, securities and general business matters.

Erin Gore

Erin Gore is founder and CEO of Garden Society, a California-based, cannabis-focused benefit corporation serving women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of their daily lives. Erin is an active member of the Northern California cannabis community, and frequently speaks on the topics of cannabis and entrepreneurship.

Jessica Knox

Dr. Jessica Knox MD, MBA, MPH is a board-certified preventive medicine physician with a keen interest in health literacy and access. Dr. Jessica is a co-founder of The American Cannabinoid Clinics and ADVENT Academy.

Jill Ellsworth

Jill Ellsworth is founder and CEO of Willow Industries, Inc., which provides state-of-the-art technology for post-harvest microbial decontamination.

Andrea Brooks

Andrea is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and an entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. Following a disabling injury in which cannabis played a crucial role in her recovery, she was inspired to advocate for the plant and build solutions in the space. She founded SAVA in 2015.

Rosie Mattio

Rosie is founder of MATTIO Communications, the preeminent cannabis marketing agency in the U. S. She helped usher in the New Cannabis Age, garnering global media coverage in mainstream publications for clients, including the first cannabis article ever published in Oprah Magazine.

Terressa DeHaven

Terressa DeHaven is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Wurk, the leading provider of Human Capital Management solutions for the cannabis industry. As a compliance professional with over 10 years of Financial Services Technology compliance experience, Terressa understands and respects the importance of supporting business objectives and promoting a culture of compliance while also satisfying ever changing customer needs.

Jewel Loree

Jewel Loree is a Sr. Product Manager at Headset, Inc. A cannabis intelligence company that turns retail data into real-time cannabis market insights. She has over 8 years of experience in data analytics, at places like Tableau Software, DatStat, and the ASU Decision Theater. Outside of her work she plays bass guitar in several bands, including Frond and The Grizzled Mighty.

Tracey Mason

Tracey Mason is CEO of House of Saka. Mason co-founded House of Saka, a line of luxury, cannabis-infused products by and for women. Prior to joining cannabis, she was responsible for creating innovative products in the wine and spirits space for over 25 years.

Rachel Knox

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine specialist. Dr. Knox is a co-founder of the American Cannabinoid Clinics and ADVENT Academy, medical committee chairperson for the Minority Cannabis Business Association, member of the Cannabis Policy Oversight Team for Portland, OR, board member of NuLeaf Project in Portland, OR, spokesperson for Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, certified member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, and Chair for the Oregon Cannabis Commission..

Chris Masse

Christine Masse is a partner with the law firm of Miller Nash Graham & Dunn and the leader of the firm’s government and regulatory affairs practice group. Chris specializes in representing businesses in highly regulated industries with their transactional, regulatory, and public policy needs.

Katherine Merryfield

Katherine Merryfield, owner and founder of Kat’s Naturals, graduated from Clayton College in 2006 with a natural health and nutrition degree with an emphasis in homeopathy. She founded Kat’s Naturals in 2015, after stumbling upon the curative powers of CBD while trying to ease her back pain. Kat was amazed by the results and later discovered that CBD could be used to treat her husband Brian, who after 13 years in the military began showing signs of PTSD..

Emily Paxhia

Emily has reviewed thousands of companies in the cannabis industry and has worked with countless founders. Extremely active in the investment decision making and ongoing investment oversight processes, she works closely with her partners to create meaningful deal structures.

Cyo Ray Nystrom

Cyo Ray Nystrom is CEO and co-founder of Quim, a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas. Quim is based in SF and aims to de-stigmatize conversations about vaginal health and cannabis, and see a happier yonic future for all.


Tahira Rehmatullah

Tahira is Managing Director of Hypur Ventures, Partner of Big Tent Ventures, and member of the board of directors for Akerna Corp. She also serves as an adviser to numerous businesses and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Tahira previously launched Marley Natural and worked at Privateer Holdings..

Maggie Connors

Maggie Connors is the Founder & CEO of besito, the most beautiful cannabis vaporizer loaded with 2:1 THC:CBD for a balanced high. Previously she worked in brand management at Pepsi, Starbucks and Apple. She received her MBA from Stanford and a BA from Northwestern University.


Nico Richardson

Mr. Nico Richardson serves as co-founder and Managing Director of AFI Capital Partners, a growth equity fund targeting investments ancillary to the cannabis industry. Prior to founding AFI, Nico spent four years at Privateer Holdings where he led the investment team.

Amanda Reiman

Amanda Reiman is the Vice President of Community Relations for Flow Kana, a branded cannabis distribution company that works with sun grown farmers in the Emerald Triangle. Dr. Reiman is also a Board member for the California Cannabis Tourism Association, The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council, and The Initiative.

Chasity Roesler

With 15 years’ experience in marketing management and creative advertising including award-winning campaigns with SONY, ABC and WarnerMedia, Chasity is now VP of Marketing at Groundworks Industries helping chart and implement all marketing strategies, communications, and public relations activities within the GW portfolio of brands.

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Cynthia Salarizadeh is the Founder of cannabis newswire AxisWire, the Founder & President of the luxury cannabis brand House of Saka, as well as the Co-Founder of the Green Market Report and the women’s business network Industry Power Women.

Sasha Perelman

Advocacy & innovation are not just buzz words for Sasha Perelman, they are the driving forces behind her revolutionary agency, Revolver Productions. With over 17 years of global brand event curation, Sasha is not your typical CEO. As the Creative Experience Officer and founder of Revolver Productions, Sasha started her company with the intention to produce experiences with purpose. Through her work she’s raised awareness around mental wellness, female empowerment, entrepreneurship, and cannabis as a lifestyle tool.

Nancy Whiteman

Nancy Whiteman is Founder & CEO of Wana Brands, the producer of best-selling products Wana Sour Gummies and WanaCapsXR. Nancy founded Wana Brands in 2010, and now Wana Brands is ranked the No. 1 edibles brand in sales revenues in the United States.

Bianca Reed

Bianca began her career working in Account Management and Sales Marketing roles at global companies such as Hershey, Kellogg's and Coca-Cola. She joined R2C Group in 2017, where she fell in love with the company values and ability to scale direct to consumer brands through traditional and digital media. She is currently the Senior Director of Client Development, working across all departments to manifest measurable and unprecedented growth for clients.

Jane Crisan

With more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, direct marketing and traditional advertising, Jane Crisan, President and COO of R2C Group, helps clients evolve their measurement strategies to best monitor our high-performance campaigns. Coming from a background in digital brand strategy and web programming, Jane is highly equipped for both analytical innovations and for driving the digital practices at R2C Group forward.

Jennifer Dooley

Jennifer brings a decade of experience building consumer brands, driven by her uniquely creative and analytical approach to identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities to GTI. Prior to joining GTI, Jennifer led strategic Brand Development and Innovation at Storck USA, a top 10 global confectioner, known for brands Werther’s Original, Toffifay, Mamba, merci and RIESEN.

Gillian Levy

Gillian Levy is the co-founder of Humboldt Apothecary, a women-owned Cannabis tincture business in the heart of Humboldt County. Humboldt Apothecary was created with a vision of crafting cannabis based products that could target and support healing and wellness for a variety of conditions. Gillian and her co-founder Susan have used their love and knowledge of medicinal herbs to formulate blends of plants that synergize well with cannabis to create maximum therapeutic benefits.

Bianca Monica

Bianca Monica is the founder and CEO of Limone Creative, a women-led boutique creative agency based out of New York and Los Angeles servicing beauty, wellness, travel and cannabis brands nationally. Limone launched their Women In Cannabis conference this past year in New York City with media publication, Coveteur, which featured activations, panels and workshops from leading ladies in the cannabis industry.

Charlotte Palermino

Charlotte Palermino is the Co-Founder of Nice Paper a high-design publishing platform that makes weed as nice as you are. Upon seeing what cannabinoids can do for your skin, but the lack of knowledge and precision when it comes to formulation, she co-founded and is the CEO of Dieu X, a clinically tested cannabinoid skincare line set to launch in 2019.

Ludi Leiva

Ludi Leiva is a writer, editor, and visual artist based between Brooklyn and Berlin. Ludi previously worked as a staff writer at Refinery29 covering women in the workplace. Her writing has also appeared in Wired, Vice, Allure, Slate, and more. She currently works as an editor at Supermaker, a brand new creative entrepreneurship platform that celebrates diverse, independent brands and modern workplace thinking.

Ruth Ann Kraemer

Ruth Ann leads MJ Freeway’s financial operations. From 2012 to 2018, she served as CFO of Tempo Financial Holdings, Tempo Financial US Corp, and Unidos Financial Services, subsidiaries of Catalina Acquisitions. From 2010 to 2012, she worked for Linc Energy Operations as Divisional CFO. Prior to that, Ruth Ann was CFO for Allegro Multimedia, and has held various financial roles throughout her career.

Jeannette Ward Horton

Jeannette Ward Horton is the Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at MJ Freeway, the world’s market-leading cannabis software company. Before coming to MJ Freeway, Jeannette spent 15 years in the corporate sector in senior management roles in marketing, data, and communications for companies including The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, and UPS.

Sherrill Corbett

Sherrill is a member, and immediate Past Chair, of Tonkon Torp's Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group. She counsels cannabis and general business clients on buying and selling businesses, and structuring complex joint ventures. She also advises clients on bank financings, private placements, and public offerings.

Julie Reed

Julie Reed, an intellectual property attorney with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, has a practice that focuses on strategic IP portfolio review, analysis, and planning, patent prosecution, litigation support, licensing, and technology transfer. She believes that a strong, coherent IP portfolio, aligned with a company’s business strategy, provides a strategic advantage over competitors.

Mimi Lam

Mimi Lam is the Co-founder and CEO of Superette, an emerging retailer focused on creating a different cannabis retail experience that is comfortable, simple and fun. Prior to Superette, Mimi was the Head of Corporate Development at Hiku Brands Company (acquired by Canopy Growth) and spearheaded initiatives for obtaining cannabis retail licenses under the Tokyo Smoke banner in private markets across Canada.

Eric Pakurar

Eric has worked as a strategist on the agency-side in nearly every marketing discipline — brand, digital, experiential, direct response, advertising, media and shopper — but he’s at his best when making them all come together into a cohesive whole. As the founding partner of Dirt Marketing, he leads marketing strategy for Brand USA, Zulily, Snapchat, and other world-class brands.

Ben Larson

Ben Larson is CEO of Nanogen, an advanced active ingredient manufacturer in the emerging cannabis and hemp industry. Calling upon his experience as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup adviser, he and the Nanogen team accelerate infused products to market by pairing their vast network of partners and extensive regulatory and testing knowledge with their highly effective, fast acting, and scalable water-stable active ingredients.

Kristin Bremer

Kristin is Chair of Tonkon Torp's Labor & Employment Practice Group. She exclusively represents employers from claims of discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, and other labor and employment matters. Kristin also represents and advises employers of every size, including nonprofit organizations, regarding wage and hour, collective actions under FLSA, sex harassment, hostile work environment, FMLA/OFLA, ADA discrimination, and whistleblower matters.